Tuk Tuk has long been a unique symbol and part of Thailand’s bustling urban life. Nowadays, while Thai people are using a lot of other vehicles, they’re still proud of the Tuk Tuk. Riding along the city at night in a lovely Tuk Tuk will be an exciting experience for many travelers to Thailand. One of the top things to do in Bangkok is to hop on a tuk tuk to discover the “city of angels”. When exploring the nightlife of Bangkok by Tuk Tuk, you will see the bustling local markets, the crowded party streets, the exciting bars, and clubs or the peaceful life of Thai people in the small alley.

Go for Chinatown with your tuk tuk and fill your tummy with tasty food

Chinatown is the heart of Bangkok’s cuisine for many local and international visitors. In the evening, the culinary booths are opened along two pedestrian walkways. One of the best places to eat is the

T&K Seafood Restaurant Fresh seafood dishes such as fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish… are served deliciously with comfortable seating space.

You can try another famous store, the Yaowarat Toasted Bread. Yaowarat store is always crowded so you have to stand in a long queue for a long time to wait for your bread. The crust outside of is crispy and the inside is very soft with Thai pastries, condensed milk, and custard. Luckily, you do not have to queue up at other food stalls. Moreover, the salesman here speak English very well, they can explain to you the menu details clearly.