The Maeklong Railway Market is one of the most unique attractions in Thailand. It is a must do

The Maeklong Railway Market is located southwest of Bangkok in Samut Songkhram Province  75 kilometers.Drive from Bangkok about 1hours. It’s also very close to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market only 20 minutes drive

Most travelers visit both places for half day morning.

The train that passes through Maeklong  is mostly a tourist train and one of the slowest in the world.

Between trains Maeklong is a bustling market, as a train approaches Maeklong station, the awnings and stalls retreat in a well ordered, well practiced manoevre

There are 8 times every day,a public transportation train will run pass through this market.

Maeklong Railway Market specialises in seafood and these fish are presented in the traditional way for the region. You can even buy cuddly toys of these bent backed critters. The stalls are on the railway tracks. A few minutes before the trains arrive the whole market shifts back a meter or two

All of these processes take very quickly within 5 minutes  about 8 times a day, every day

What Times do the Trains Run at Maeklong?

6.20 am / 8.30 am / 9.00 am / 11.10 am./ 11.30 am / 2.30 pm / 3.30pm / 5.40 pm

Hopefully, if you arrive at Maeklong between 6am and 5.40 pm , you shouldn’t have too long to wait

If you get to Maeklong late and decide to stay overnight, there are hotels in Maeklong town. There are are also some lovely accommodation options in Amphawa itself, which is very close, with hostels and hotels right on the water’s edge. This part of Samut Sogkhram is a beautiful water-world of rivers and canals so there are some lovely waterside hotels nearby.